Solid State Physics, tutorial, Physics MSc., fall semester of 2017/18


Location: ELTE Northern Block, Pazmany Peter setany 1/A, room -1.63
Time: Monday 12:00-14:00 or Wednesday 14:00-16:00, fortnightly 
Language: English


1st tutorial, 25/09, phonons (classical and quantum approach)
2nd tutorial, 16/10, magnetic systems
3rd tutorial, 06/11, simple model of band structure
4th tutorial, 20/11, electrons in magnetic field
5th tutorial, 04/12, test (Solution: EABBA CAEEB) score


The test is on the final tutorial class. You get signature if your test is at least 50 %.
You can make up the test during the first week of the exam period.
'UV' is during the second week of the exam period.

Documents from previous years (only hungarian versions):

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